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Retro Shoot in A Camper Van

I have an 1989 Talbolt express camper van.. So thought it was about time I did a shoot in her.. (we call her Marge) Retro asethetic is my favourite style to recreate if I'm shooting a creative shoot.

Main things you need to think of...

*Clothing- I think this is the main one, you can almost be anywhere setting wise but having the right styling can immediately take you back in time. I often style all my creative shoots myself however getting a stylist onboard is a great way to help you recreate a vision you have.

*Accessories - again this could fall into the clothing category however NEVER underestimate the power of a simple accessory - Sunglasses can immediately transform a shoot. I have a certain pair of retro glasses that are always in my camera bag - just incase!

*Model- of course you don't have to shoot with a Model - But if you are recreating a certain style in your mind, having the right person will help you recreate your vision and make everything a lot simpler for you.

*Setting -Like I said setting isn't everything but having my camper was super fun creating the vibe I was after.


Props are an amazing way to create a retro vibe.. We used a Vintage Polariod Camera I had already which I brought from Ebay for £12 - Side Note Ebay is my absolute favourite place to shop for vintage/retro finds

Props is also a great way to relax your model as holding something makes it easier for them to pose - especially right in the beginning of your shoot if they are needing to relax into it.


Decide wether you want to shoot indoors or outdoors, this will help you determine your lighting choice.

I chose to shoot natural light as we had a very sunny day - although shooting with a flash can be very apt for a retro style.

This marge in all her glory - we took her to Wales for our first holiday a few weeks ago. Ive always wanted a camper van. Can't wait for more adventures in her.

Final Edit

I wanted to give this a real 35mm film Vibe - so favouring warm/ green tones and adding texture with grain is a great way to create that.

To create a film light leak - shown above.. I held a sheer piece of material (I used a chiffon top I had with me) Hold it close to the lens and experiment with the effect your after


Whether you have a camper, retro style room, wallpaper back drop or field as a setting

the importance of styling is everything for recreate a retro shoot

Ebay is a great way to find unique pieces - I have a whole box in our loft of things I can't throw away just incase I need them for a shoot

I Hope you have fun recreating a retro styled shoot and I hope some of my tips have helped ;)

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